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Edward Spravniks

We have had the pleasure of curating some of the material from The Notes and Memoirs of Edvards Spravniks.  Please feel free to contact us if have any questions.

Edwards and Velta Spravniks

The Spravniks family moved to Canada in 1950.   

Edvards Spravniks

Edvards Spravniks - Artist of Candelabras

Sep 13, 2018
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Edvards Spravniks

Notes and Memoirs

Edvards Spravniks had an incredible history combining beautiful artworks and strong political statements.  Here you will find his "Notes and Memoirs".


Edvards Spravniks had a tremendous passion for political representation and having a voice.  He combined this passion with his artistic abilities to create magnificent candelabras.



Hobbies and Political Information 

Edvards had many hobbies which include curating a collection of various species of birds. This impressive collection is now in a Latvian museum.  He also had a strong political position when it came to the independence of Latvia when occiupied by the Russians.



Edvards Spravniks - Notes and Memoirs

Candelabras Created by Edward Spravniks

Edvards Spravniks - Family

Edvards Spravniks - Politics and Hobbies


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